Casuals - DVD

Casuals - DVD

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SPECIAL EDITION - signed by Cass Pennant

"From Barcelona to Berlin, Milan to Moscow, teenagers are copying fashions and a culture that developed on the streets and terraces of British cities. But how did the football casual subculture come about? What did they stand for? What made them tick?"

All make for a story needs to be told in depth. That is exactly what this film does. Using recently unearthed archive footage from the late 70s early 80s, informative interviews with brands like Fila, Adidas and 80s Casual Classics, plus personalities like Peter Hooton and Cass Pennant along with those who were at the heart of the story, at the time when football and fashion mattered more than corporate hospitality and sanitzed stadiums. 

"It´s not just about what you were wearing, but also how you wore it. Not just your clothes but your hair and even the 'manner in which you walked'. You had to have that 'attitute', saying like 'Here I am'."

Language: Englisch
Subtiteld: German, Italian
Run time approx: 90mins
Extras: 60 mins